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Sleepy Wings - Blue
Sleepy Wings - Blue
Sleepy Wings - Blue
Sleepy Wings - Blue
Sleepy Wings - Blue
Sleepy Wings - Blue
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Sleepy Wings™ is the world's first innovative, easy to use sleep swaddling jacket that takes seconds to put on.  As it only covers a baby's arms, it is ideal for all seasons and if your baby likes his legs free to move! When sleeping safely on their back, a baby's preferred sleep position is to have their hands up beside their face. Without restricting this position, Sleepy Wings allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth or pacifier to self console. Sleepy Wings prevents startling and scratching and all in all, a better night's sleep for the whole family. 

  • See "More Details" to learn how to put on Sleepy Wings™ for your baby.
  • Only comes in S and L sizing. Plese refer to "Sizing" for more info.
  • Made of cotton and elastane.
  • Machine washable at 40°C.
  • Ideal for wear all year round.
  • Stops baby from scratching their delicate skin. Ideal for eczema suffers.
  • Reduces the startling reflex.
  • Ideal for baby who likes their legs free to move.
  • Features pockets which provides baby self access to retrieve their own pacifier.
  • Ideal for use in the car or pram.
  • Makes transferring baby easier without disturbing their sleep.
  • Keeps wondering hands in place during breastfeeding.
  • Keeps babies chest clear from overheating and hips free and un-swaddled.
  • The oval shaped ribbed opening arm holes provide a snug fit against the baby's shoulders and back.
Sleepy Wings Size Chart
S (Small) - Ideal for NEWBORN babies from 3kgs up.
Designed to fit a baby from birth to approximately 3 to 4 months of age 6 kg in weight. However if you are starting your baby in sleepy wings from 5kg, we suggest you purchase the next size up (Large) so you get more wear.

L (Large) - Ideal for baby from 6kgs to 10kgs (from approximately 4 to 10 months of age)

Founder, Shae Tye, designed Sleepy Wings™ in the early hours of the morning during January 2010 whilst breast feeding. Deliriously tired over returning to her daughter's cot to replace lost dummies, Shae started to think through ways that her daughter, Alannah, could retrieve her own dummy. Objective: More sleep! It was summer and the concerns of overheating Alannah also made wrapping or swaddling dangerous. Shae needed to design a garment that would keep Alannah in her swaddled position, but also ensure she was cool and safe. Sleepy Wings™ simply allow an infant to replace their own dummy within head turn reach, prevent scratching, keep her cooler in the heat AND keep those wondering hands under control whilst milk feeding! 

Learn how to put on Sleepy Wings for your baby with the video below, OR

Learn how to put on Sleepy Wings for your baby with the simple steps below:

1. Lie baby on their back, centred and on top of the Sleepy Wings.

2. Put each arm under the single oval arm opening, one at a time, into the adjacent wing with baby's hand positioned under the pocket. Stretch the Sleepy Wings™ fabric around the back of baby to allow adequate opening for 2nd arm. Do not place over baby's head.

3. Bring forward the ribbing on the oval opening to the front of the baby’s shoulders for secure snug fit.

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