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Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
Just for Me Couture Belly Wrap
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The Cinch Couture is more for new mums who are ready to get out and about. Compared to The Cinch SignatureThe Cinch Couture offers slightly less support and does not include a front pouch. This means it is also more sleek and less noticeable when worn under your clothes.

The wrap that does it all! The Cinch is the only fully adjustable wrap that truly focuses on the stomach hips and back. Doctors and Midwives approve for its function and comfort, and Celebrities favour it for its beauty and style. Especially crafted to motivate new moms to get back to their healthy shapes with a single wrap, The Cinch focuses on the stomach with its function and added support of the double wings. With the inner measuring feature, new moms are uplifted by seeing their progress and results. The sophisticated design offers new moms a luxurious feel and new confidence.

360 Degree Support
The only adjustable Belly Wrap that truly focuses on the tummy by tightening all the abdominal muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching with double side wings. A recent U.S. scientific study reveals that The Cinch is proven to provide an even 360 degree compression around the waist, verses the uneven compression of other rectangular wraps on the market.

The Cinch Tension Control
The Cinch performs like two wraps in one. The first one is when you size your current waist line with the front measuring device and zip up. The second wrap is the pair of elastic wings which allow you to further adjust the tension as you velcro the wings to your back.

Luxurious Feel
Lightweight and comfortable. It does not itch! It can be worn day or night (work, play, relax & exercise). With state-of-the-art material, the elastic wings will not lose their stretch over time or through multiple uses. Our high performance Velcro will not stick or cause damage to your clothes. 

Adjustable Panels That Shrink With You
The Cinch slims with your waistline with just one wrap! Its unique patent pending dual front panels are adjustable to your slimming waistline. You don’t need to get another wrap when you shed the inches. Comes in one Size: XS–M (26"–34") .

Built-in Measurement Guide
Has motivational inner measurement reference so you can see your results. This motivates and boosts self confidence. Happy, Healthy Moms foster Happy Babies.

The Cinch Belly Wrap is the world's only fully adjustable wrap that can be used to Cinch your core and hips. You wear The Cinch Couture during the day to support-enhance-tone your mid-section. At night, simply re-adjust The Cinch by lowering it to your hips and lower abdomen area to compress and cinch your hips.

Anion Technology For Circulation
Moisture absorbent and breathable inner lining with Anion to promote better circulation.

Eco-friendly Package, Reusable Product
The Cinch comes in a recycled and biodegradable box. And the Cinch Belly Wrap can be used over and over many times.

  • Also available in The Cinch Signature, which offers greater support and also includes a front pocket which allows for cold/warm or aromatic pack for relaxation and promotes faster recovery.
  • Made of Nylon, Polyester, Spandex & Anion Technology.
  • Ideal for new moms after natural or C-section and post abdominal surgery.
  • Postpartum wrap-hip shaper-back support.
The Cinch Size Chart

Sizing Guideline
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Click here to see the sizing guideline.

Charlene Williams created her "9 Month's Recovery Plan Philosophy" after having 3 wonderful children. Her philosophy is "it took me nine months to nurture the growth of my baby, it should take me at least 9 months to nurture my body back to a healthier me." Charlene created The Cinch to help other moms recover the way she did so they can maintain their radiant glow and energy to help foster their growing family with enthusiasm and bliss. 

The Cinch aims to motivates new moms to get back to their healthy shape with a single wrap. The Cinch focuses on the stomach with its function and added support with the double wings. New moms are uplifted by seeing their progress with the inner measuring reference to see their results. The sophisticated design offers new moms a luxurious feel and a new confidence. What is so unique about the Cinch is that it helps support, enhance and tone your waist so you can return to your healthy shape naturally and effortlessly. This concept of blending beauty of the arts with scientific functions heighten Cinch's originality.

*Use The Cinch as a hip-shaper too! Simply lower the position to your hips and lower abdomen when you sleep at night to compress and contour your hips

Learn how to put on The Cinch with the simple steps below:

1. Lay The Cinch on a flat surface. Size your current waistline with the front Velcro straps.

Hint: Every time you go down a size, make sure to re-size the front Velcro straps first before you zip-up and tighten with the elastic wings.

2. Stand up, breath in a little, wrap The Cinch around your waist and connect the zipper on the right hand side and zip up.

3. Center The Cinch. Use both hands to hold and stretch the elastic wings and fasten the Velcro in the back.

Hint: To avoid riding up, do not over-stretch the Velcro straps.

4. Smooth down the front panel and Velcro it down.

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