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(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
(I Dream Of) Labor Gown - Cosmos
S$59.91 S$17.97 

Do you really want to be wearing an old T-shirt when you hold your little one for the first time? Dress for that beautiful moment with a Pretty Pusher, a slip-on halter neck labour gown with maximum style and comfort. Made of the softest cotton stretch jersey and designed with openings for fetal monitor and epidural access, Pretty Pushers work just as well as they look. Also an excellent baby shower gift for the mum-to-be!

This Pretty Pusher comes in a classy black, with contrasting white tie-ribbons and Cosmo prints - for the mum who misses her occasional Cosmos!

  • Also available in Original Solid - Black, Navy, Pink and Charcoal Grey.
  • Made of cotton
  • Disposable
  • One size fits most
  • Simple slip-on halter for easy wearing
  • Adjustable tie closure
  • Low cut back for epidural access if necessary
  • Opening for electronic monitor placement if necessary

Pregnancy involves much preparation. For about 40 weeks, you schedule doctor's visits, compose a birth plan, pick nursery color schemes, and ponder baby names. You try to plan every aspect of the journey, but then the contractions begin and often you find that the events in labor itself are far beyond your control. Being thrown into the hands of a hospital, birth partner, doula, doctor, or whatever your preference can feel quite the opposite to all of the planning that had taken place up until that point. Pretty Pushers is focused on THAT POINT - the climax, the finish line, the birth itself. We want you to OWN YOUR EXPERIENCE. It will be the hardest work you ever do and you should feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable while doing it! Don't be at the mercy of the hospital gown or even an old night shirt…this is a big deal! After much research and consideration of the modern labor experience, Pretty Pushers has created fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day. 


The Birthing Gown - Nightie Night
S$79.99 S$24.00
Original Unbleached Labor Gown - Cream
Pretty Pushers
S$49.92 S$14.98
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