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Milkscreen Alcohol 20-Pack
Milkscreen Alcohol 20-Pack

Because all mothers are unique! So, naturally the way our bodies process alcohol is unique, too. Metabolizing alcohol depends on several factors including body weight, type of alcohol consumed and food intake. In the past, there were only generalized guidelines for the questions surrounding breast feeding after consuming alcohol. Now, with Milkscreen, mom can test her breast milk to see if alcohol is present.

How Milkscreen works
Milkscreen consists of a plastic strip with a reactive test pad applied to one tip. Two minutes after saturation with breast milk the test pad will change colors if alcohol is present, at 13.1 mg/dL or greater.

  • Home test to detect alcohol in breast milk.
  • Easy to read.
  • Results in 2 minutes.
  • Milkscreen is a consumer product, and not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of alcohol intoxication or poisoning or other health-related conditions in women or nursing babies. See Milkscreen Information Guide for complete details.

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