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Cradle Cap Brush
Cradle Cap Brush
Cradle Cap Brush
Cradle Cap Brush
Cradle Cap Brush
S$12.93 S$3.88 

The ORIGINAL reusable brush developed for Cradle Cap!

If your baby's scalp has dry, flaky skin that looks like dandruff, or even thick, yellowish or brownish, oily, scaly or crusty patches on his or her scalp, it's more than likely Cradle Cap (seborrheic dermatitis). It can be unsightly and embarrassing, but it's a common problem that afflicts many babies.

Bean-b-Clean®'s revolutionary scalp massaging brush is a safe, soft and soothing tool, especially effective in the fight against Cradle Cap, when used daily as directed. It takes the place of the brushes used in hospitals with the sponges on the back. Those are meant for one-time use because the sponge can become a breeding ground for bacteria and if the sponge is removed, the brush is too pliable to get a good grip for effective results.

  • Free from any harmful ingredients
  • Thoroughly tested in the U.S., ensuring compliance with CPSC/CPSIA standards and regulations

Smaldore Associates, LLC, was formed as a wholesale company in early 2009, as the result of the birth of their first grandchild who developed cradle cap. After extensive and unsuccessful searches in stores and on the internet, they researched, repurposed, tweaked and tested an existing product as their first mission and brought the now named Bean-b-Clean® to the thousands of infants facing the same crisis.

Bean-b-Clean® is a "mom and pop" company, rather, a "grandmom and grandpop" company whose goals are to provide needed, functional products at affordable prices.

Bean-b-Clean® hopes to sell their product to any retailer who shares their criteria for easing at least one of the tensions shared by parents of newborns and getting what is best for babies into their primary caretaker's hands, at a very reasonable price.

Our Bean-b-Clean® can't just be a great seller.

It has to be good enough to use on the most precious babies in the world!

Words from happy users of Bean-B-Clean Cradle Cap Brush!

"Around 6 months my son got a bad case of cradle cap. I tried everything (olive oil, baby oil, etc.) and nothing worked until I used this brush with Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns – 5.07 oz. I let the shampoo sit for a few minutes then gently rubbed the brush in circles on his scalp to loosen the flakes. I rinsed and voila. After only a week there was a significant decrease in the flakes and after a month it was completely gone. The brush fits easily in your hand and the bristles are soft enough that they don't hurt baby's head. It comes apart and is very easy to clean. Works much better than a comb. Highly recommend at least trying this. It's worth every penny!"

"My 4 month old daughter's cradle cap was severe. After using this brush once a day with baby shampoo for 2 weeks, the cradle cap has cleared up completely. I highly recommend this product."

"The Bean-B-Clean worked wonders on my daughter's unsightly cradle cap. I noticed a significant difference after the first wash and it was completely cleared up after 2 days! My daughter enjoys the soothing massage of the Bean-B-Clean's soft bristles so much that I still use it, and she is now almost 1! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed (and neither will your baby)!"

"This works great! I purchased specialized shampoo but have used this with regular shampoo as well. Our little one had cradle cap and at 10 months I was fed up with it. The brush cleared it up within weeks. If you are considering purchasing I would highly recommend it. It's super soft and best part, little one doesn't mind it at all! I brush while they play in the tub."

"This worked perfectly. My baby had a flakey little scalp that I could not get clean, I massaged it while shampooing with a brush and even brushed her hair every feeding to try and get it all off. I was too afraid to scrub too hard because of her soft spot. After using this just one week, it cleared up dramatically. I use it with bella bee cradle cap shampoo, not sure if you even need that special shampoo with this but I just wanted it gone fast. Its been about a month now and cradle cap is COMPLETELY gone :) I love it because I don't have to scrub her lil head hard at all, the bristles are tiny and soft so they lift up that shedding skin easily. I use it now just because it's not abrasive and cleans well, so why not…"


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