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Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
Butterfly Sleeve Labor Gown - Vintage Midnight
If you have been looking for the style and smart design of a Pretty Pushers gown but with a little more coverage, this is your answer! The NEW Butterfly Sleeve Labor gown and Nursing Dress have all the same functions as the classic Original Pretty Pushers Delivery Gown but with double-hemmed finishing and a full zip-up back. Feel comfortable and covered during birth without compromising your sense of style! And then re-use this gown again and again for nursing.

*** The vintage garment is blue in color, pre-shrunk and hand-dyed in small batches. Any color offset in seams and trims are part of its vintage-inspired design. ***

  • Full Coverage with stylish Butterfly Sleeve
  • Hidden Frontal Opening for Fetal Monitors
  • Zipper Back to allow for Epidural Access if necessary
  • Cross-wrap neckline for immediate Skin-to-Skin access & breastfeeding
  • Double seam cover stitch hem
  • Machine Wash/Hang Dry
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in the USA


Pregnancy involves much preparation. For about 40 weeks, you schedule doctor's visits, compose a birth plan, pick nursery color schemes, and ponder baby names. You try to plan every aspect of the journey, but then the contractions begin and often you find that the events in labor itself are far beyond your control. Being thrown into the hands of a hospital, birth partner, doula, doctor, or whatever your preference can feel quite the opposite to all of the planning that had taken place up until that point. Pretty Pushers is focused on THAT POINT - the climax, the finish line, the birth itself. We want you to OWN YOUR EXPERIENCE. It will be the hardest work you ever do and you should feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable while doing it! Don't be at the mercy of the hospital gown or even an old night shirt…this is a big deal! After much research and consideration of the modern labor experience, Pretty Pushers has created fashionable and functional products specific to delivery day. 


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