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Preggers Maternity Pantyhose (10-15 mmhg) - Sand and Natural
Preggers Maternity Pantyhose (10-15 mmhg) - Sand and Natural
Preggers Maternity Pantyhose (10-15 mmhg) - Sand and Natural
Preggers Maternity Pantyhose (10-15 mmhg) - Sand and Natural
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Just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you have to have tired, swollen legs. Preggers by Therafirm pantyhose are designed to energize tired pregnant legs and feet, increase circulation and prevent swelling.

  • 10-15mmHg* light gradient compression
  • True gradient compression gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote blood flow
  • Comfortable, supportive belly panel that will grow with your belly
  • Non-constrictive, super stretchy belly panel can be folded under the belly or pulled up and over
  • Moisture-wicking keeps legs cool and comfortable
  • Smooth seams will not dig into your growing tummy or show under clothes
  • Reinforced, rounded toe for durability and comfortable fit
  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Nylon and Spandex blend
  • Hand wash in lukewarm or cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

*The mean compression for an average ankle size.

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Sizing Guideline
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Click here to see the sizing guideline.

Preggers by Therafirm™ is a unique line of maternity support hose and compression products, developed by future moms for future moms, that will benefit you during and post-preggers.

What does gradient compression hosiery do?
Support Hose or graduated compression has often been recommended for use during pregnancy to help energize tired, achy legs and to help reduce and prevent swelling. True gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking promoting better blood flow to help energize tired legs and feet, improve circulation, and assist in the prevention of swelling. They are also ideal for individuals required to sit or stand for long periods of time.

What is unique about Preggers by Therafirm™ compression products?
Finally, maternity compression products where you, expecting moms, are being heard. No more stigma of the old, "yucky" compression that is available in only a few styles, off-trend colors, is uncomfortable, hard to get on, and expensive. We believe you can wear compression and get the benefits it provides and still be fashionable. We want to you to feel AND look great!

Some lucky mommas out there never experience any of the discomforts of swelling or fatigue during pregnancy. (Lucky you!) But because Preggers is light compression it is ideal for everyday wear. Moms simply appreciate wearing light compression products because they energize tired, achy legs. And what busy mom couldn't use a little extra energy, improved circulation, and shaping support?

For many women who have never worn compression hosiery before, putting on your new stockings can be a challenge as they fit more snugly. Compression hosiery has more resistance or compression than traditional pantyhose hose or stockings. Below are a few tips to help you put on your compression stockings.

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Donning Tips:
1. Insert hand and grab stocking at top of heel pocket.
2. While still holding heel pocket, turn the top of stocking down towards your toes.
3. Open stocking and slide your foot in until toes and heel are positioned in place.

Knee-highs: Grasp the top of the stocking and pull it up over your ankle and calf. Position top of the stocking approximately 1" below bend of knee.

Pantyhose & Tights: With crotch in a snug, comfortable position, stretch the panty hose with both hands. Adjust waist band to preferred position either folded under the belly or pulled up and over the belly.

Once the garment is on check for the following:
1. The foot portion must fit the shape of the foot nicely. The stockings should have even compression or elasticity so that the sock takes on the anatomical shape of the foot without any discomfort or circulation obstruction. After donning the stocking, your foot shape should be consistent with that of your bare foot.
2. For footless tights, the bottom of tights should end at the ankle bone or the skinniest part of the ankle.
3. If pain, discomfort, or areas of binding occur, remove the stockings immediately.

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Preggers Maternity Pantyhose (15-20 mmhg) - Black
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