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Instead of us trying to convince you, we'll let our mums tell you about their experiences at Maternity Exchange! 

Sharon Ismail (TV Presenter/Actress on Suria), says
"I must thank you again for the lovely black gown I wore to the Suria 10th Anniversary show. It was so comfortable and made me look great! Your shop is a godsend for pregnant women - your clothes made me look and feel as 'normal' as I could during pregnancy, no mean feat!"

Debra Li, says
"Something I didn't quite count on when I first started shopping for maternity clothes was how not every outfit will take me and my changing shape through the entire pregnancy. Already at twenty weeks, I have outgrown some of my smaller-cut maternity capris which I bought earlier on in the pregnancy - I am so upset! So I have since wisened up and am a little more discerning about the pieces I buy nowadays. Which is why I really like the ingenious concept behind Maternity Exchange (MX), the first maternity rental store in Singapore." (Read more...)

Sher Maine Wong, says
"The other day I reluctantly had to dump one of my beloved Arabella Bs - my very first one, the white-turned-grey one with the almost-falling-off strap and the indefatigable elastic which had finally come loose after years of almost-daily use. I had literally worn it to shreds. Five bras have lasted me for the last five years, all Arabella Bs from Maternity Exchange.… It’s probably time for me to head straight back to Maternity Exchange to find a new breast friend. Probably imported because the best nursing bras are all from overseas anyway. I hear there are some Japanese ones for smaller women." (Read more...)

Evelyn Tan-Rogers, says
"Maternity clothes are best worn when actually pregnant. And if you’re looking to cut waste, Maternity Exchange offers designer maternity wear for rent. (Although once you get a look at the clothes, it might take all of your willpower not to buy them instead." (Read more...)

Karen Cheng, says
"As I write this, I am 38 weeks pregnant. And I am embarrassed to say that I have hardly anything to wear. I am rotating a couple of bottoms with a handful of tops. If I had been a working mum-to-be, I would be mortified at myself, wearing the same thing each week! Anyway, the lovely ladies at Maternity Exchange Singapore, contacted me and thought I might like to test out some of their clothes. I was very intrigued by their business idea, and thought it was quite clever." (Read more...)

S Tan, says
"I had a marvelous time at MX, spending two hours in the changing room feeling like a celebrity while they brought me piece after piece. Most of what I discarded for the time being was discarded because there was still too much room in the top for it to fall nicely. At the end of it, I had about 7 new pieces of clothes, 3 of which were rented and I should wear to death for the next month before I outgrow them and also have to return them to get dry cleaned. The rest are staples that should last me for a long while. Now I don't have to worry so much about the buttoning of my pants because I have pants that have stretchy pants."
(Read more...)

Cassandra Yeo, says
"When I found out I was pregnant, the first thought was how I was going to stay fashionable and still look "hot" despite the expanding waistline and slim figure that was going to get out of shape soon! Desperate, I started searching the Internet and came across MX. The styles, brands and concept immediately got my attention! Not wanting to splurge on branded items but still wanting to look fabulous, I knew MX was for me! The sales personnel are very helpful and make my monthly visits very rewarding. All my friends think I'm crazy- going all the way to rent my maternity clothes, almost like something out of Sex in the City- but what can I say? MX, you've made my day-everyday!"

Olivia Cheng, says
"My first visit to Maternity Exchange and I got myself 4 nursing tops! Amazing! After endless tries at other shops, the tops at Maternity Exchange are just so fitting and stylish. The staff is exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to show me all the exact designs and cuts that flatter me the most, knowing how important it is for mummies to feel and look good during this time. Not forgetting comfort as well, the materials are so soft, it's really important to feel comfortable when breastfeeding. I'm sure I'll be back again very soon and I'll definitely recommend MX to all mummies-to-be!"

Jacqueline Ng, says
"I'm so glad that I chanced upon MX. Being big sized, it's not easy to find stylish, comfortable clothes. In MX, the service is personal and the environment is comfortable. There is never any pressure to buy anything you don't like. In fact, the range is very good. It's hard not to find something to buy. Rental packages are terrific, well thought of for mothers-to-be. Thank you MX."

Shereen Ng, says
"One of the things I miss about being pregnant is being able to pop into MX every month and get myself a new wardrobe to fit my growing bump! Being able to rent the clothes allowed me to experiment with a variety of clothes that could either "bare" the bump or "disguise" it in a most flattering manner depending on how I felt about myself. It made me dare to try designs and colours that I may have otherwise stayed away from as well. And at the end of the day, by being able to rent the pieces gave me the opportunity to take it out for a "test drive" and decide whether I liked it enough to pay the difference and actually purchase it. This way, I did not regret any of the pieces that I decided to buy. A brilliant system and idea that made pregnancy all the more fun and glamourous!"

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